Og story strain indica or sativa

og story strain indica or sativa Whatever the real story behind The White strain is, everyone can agree on one fact — the name is well deserved. The Legendary OG hemp strain has reports of being a “super fire” but also producing a mellow affect with happiness that erases anxiety, so bedtime comes with relaxation. OG Haze cannabis strain is a Sativa marijuana, she is believed to be either Sativa dominant or well-balanced hybrid. This flower is great for insomnia, depression, pain, and a kick ass high. Since this is a strain that’s been around for decades with somewhat mysterious genetics, it’s quite possible that Sep 02, 2019 · This is a sativa-dominant strain, that produces super potent buds with THC concentrations of over 21%. Indica OG Kush Indica strains tend to grow shorter and bushier than their Sativa counterparts. Chronic Store is stocked with a variety of indica weed strains, from OG Kush to White Tahoe Cookies. This is just speculation, however, with expert smokers giving their opinions. A potent sativa strain with more indica like effects. ” Often, strains are labeled with a sativa/indica ratio, like a 60/40 sativa/indica. Mar 22, 2020 · It might make things easier to call strains with sativa genetics strains “sativa-dominant” rather than just “sativa. Their leaves are broader, and the plants are typically shorter and bushier than sativa strains. 5g), 1/4th (7g) & 1 ounce (28g) pouches. Shop Cannabis strains are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant genus Cannabis, which encompasses the species C. Don't let the name scare you away - Insane OG isn't too c Grape Juice OG, also known as “Grape Juice Kush,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the delicious Grape Ape X Orange Juice strains. Marijuana has been used in  There is a massive story about Skunk #1 from Outkast Seeds, which can be found and hashy flavors is a callback to the early origins of commercial marijuana. God's Gift is a 90% Indica dominated strain with a solid 1% CBD to offset its reputed 27% THC. A sativa-dominant strain is a hybrid of sativa and indica strains and tends to give users an uplifting and stimulating feeling. When smoked, it possesses a sweet pungent and grounding aroma. Within Because while G-13 was originally a pure indica, properties of the haze strain have been injected so that now the uplifting sativa high mingles pleasantly with powerful indica undertones. The different conditions in those regions led the plants to develop general differences in physical and chemical makeup, which are still often cited today as absolute. 6. An Indica dominant hybrid, OG Sour Diesel is a cross between the original sativa dominant Sour Diesel and indica dominant OG Kush F4 male. Many of these old indica strains, including the Purple Kush, have been preserved in the United States since the late 1970’s, especially in the Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties in California. The difference between Sativa vs Indica and hybrids plant origin, morphology, and general effects are factual, but still, they are mainly useful for Sep 13, 2013 · The story most commonly believed is that OG Kush descended from Chem Dawg—which itself was born from seeds of a mystery strain that was sold at a 1991 Colorado Grateful Dead show. Strain Medical marijuana information and information on medical cannabis and medical marijuana strains. Grower: Revolution Cannabis. com | Your comprehensive guide to recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, strains and doctors. Thai Sticks c. Sep 29, 2019 · Cannabis sativa L. The Godfather OG is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid developed by California-based grower California Herbal Remedies (CHR). indica and sativa, Grim Bastard OG is an indica-dominant strain from @revcanna. Pharmacologically, C. Jan 26, 2019 · The hybrid strains fall somewhere between the indica-sativa spectrum. 5%, and a very small amount of CBD is present as well, with 1. 18 Dec 2018 This weekend, Williams was back in Miami promoting his new career in, what else, the emerging legal marijuana industry. Sour Berry Blue is the love child of Alpha Blue, award-winning sativa, and Sour Strawberry, a famous indica. Popular hybrids include Pineapple Express, Trainwreck, and Blue Dream. In fact, most plants are hybrids and very few growers will claim their plants are ‘100% sativa’ or ‘100% indica’ with any real authority. OG: Comparison Table . True OG is a popular indica strain that was originally bred in Southern California. The THC levels are very high and the cerebral euphoria has made this strain extremely popular to users. This Indica dominant strain is a cross between Emerald OG and Grandaddy Purple. Then we could have the Indica dom and Sativa dom phenos. Lineage/Genetics: Biker Kush V2 x Black Banana. Indica strains are physically sedating, perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed. Feb 27, 2020 · Overall, there are three ‘types’ of marijuana strain: Indica, sativa, and ruderalis. 75% indica and 25% Sativa hybrid; Feminized seeds; 19% THC <1% CBD; Grows best in sunny climates or Hybrid - 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 27% Insane OG, also known as “Insane Kush” or “Insane OG Kush,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the infamous OG Kush X Bubba Kush strains. While most G-13 strains are 70-30 Indica/Sativa, Haze flips it inside out, and then some with an 80-20 sativa favored ratio. indica vs. Cannabis Strains Overview: Dumpster OG is an Indica dominant Hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain with possible parents being Grand Daddy Purple X Heavy Duty Fruity. When it comes to genetics, hemp is more similar to C. eonline. 5m) when grown outdoors however they generally grow to around 8ft (2. This strain was talked up by a friend as one of his favorite OGs. Orange Kush Orange Kush is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that is a cross of Orange Bud and OG Kush. This strain is another Winner. Average THC Percentage: 20% This hybrid is heavier on the sativa side than the OG Kush, with dominant Mexican and Thai genetics, so it will grow quite a lot taller despite also having Afghani genes. The large dense nugs are covered in light orange hairs producing a distinct earthy smell and taste. Dry mouth and eyes are the most common negative effects . This Cup-winning hybrid is a cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a third unknown strain. 22 Oct 2019 Freaky Origins of a Freaky Marijuana Strain! So how did the Freakshow marijuana strain come into existence? The story begins in 1971 when a  5 Sep 2019 There are three species of the cannabis plant: Indica, Sativa and So there are three types of cannabis strains; those bred from the Indica and Sativa In the next column I will discuss where hemp fits into the cannabis story,  8 Oct 2019 Nearly an acre of carefully tended marijuana plants had delivered something far from guaranteed: a commercial-scale harvest cultivated  14 Sep 2016 She suspected the story was “baloney,” but she was desperate. 19 Jul 2020 Ronnie Bell, one of many unlicensed marijuana growers in Anza, Calif. The White grows extremely frosty, potent, and contains tons of lay me down indica potency. Official Jul 19, 2020 · The mislabeling of indica and sativa “Labeling strains as indica or sativa ultimately is a disservice to patients and consumers because it sets up false expectations around experience,” said Apr 17, 2020 · THC: 22. This strain tastes like a delicious fruit bowl that will transport you to a beach in the Caribbean, but delivers a potent body high. I picked up an eighth at Essense on the Las Vegas strip after a budtender recommendation. Some phenotypes are stronger on the head, and some are stronger on the body. ruderalis is unlike C. 4%. Weed art, cannabis art, marijuana art. Another distinction of the indica plant is that they have a deep purple color to their stalks. They also tested this harvest of Raskal OG , and the results read THC at 23. You read another CPR News story to the end – that makes you one of the people who really  on the fledgling marijuana industry. Individually Indica and Sativa strains are known to provide certain therapeutic benefits; Indica is known to be an aid in alleviating insomnia along with providing pain relief whilst Sativa is known to be helpful for depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and even fatigue. Originally found in Europe and Eurasia, the Cannabis Sativa plant is tall, with narrow leaves Broad-leafed Cannabis indica plants in the Indian Subcontinent are traditionally cultivated for the production of charas, a form of hashish. Sativa is a species of cannabis plant that tends to grow tall and thin with long leaves. OG Kush seems to be the perfect mix of Indica and Sativa, plus a terpene flavor and aroma profile that is attractive to most medical marijuana users. This 50-50 indica-sativa hybrid has two known phenotypes. While many websites and dispensaries list OG Kush as an indica, many people argue that the strain is in fact a sativa, or some sort of sativa-dominant hybrid. Indica Flowers at Chronic Store. <p>There isn&#39;t another strain that captures the essence of our brand like the Silver OG. OG Smalls is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created in Isla Vista. 00. Hybrid strains are also sold and considered a midway point between indica and sativa marijuana strains. The physical effects of Paris OG definitely outweigh the psychoactive, causing people to assume that it leans more towards being an indica-dominant hybrid – but this is mere speculation. From $79. The most popular Indica Hybrid is the OG Kush strain. . even though it's genetically more sativa than indica, i consider it more indica than sativa because it's so couchlocking. It fills your nose and lungs with sweet notes of berry and candy, followed by a fruity spiciness. We can’t exactly argue with them considering the genetics are, for the Dec 10, 2019 · Paris OG firmly falls into the hybrid category with its mix of mental calming effects and strong body buzz; however, the exact indica/sativa split is unknown. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. Sativa x Sativa hybrids combine the genetics of at least two Sativa strains, while Indica x Indica hybrids are engineered solely with Indica genetics. OG Kush Feminized Buy Marijuana Seeds. Though it can be sedative, the initial effects relax the body and ease the mind. Ghost Train Haze represents the prototypical sativa profile, as it will provide a high that is energetic, uplifting and uplifting. Users describe the OG Smalls high as an intensely euphoric, uplifted head high with a moderately high level of mental stimulation that leaves you thoughtful and Jan 05, 2013 · When grown properly, the strain is a delicacy that deserves a spot on every cannabis enthusiast’s wish list. But that was when things started, now we have hybrids that are bred with Sativa strains are often used as “daytime” cannabis, since it does not induce the fatigue and lethargy that indica strains can. 14 Oct 2020 It's indisputably a king amongst strains and its mysterious origins make it all the more appealing. All sativas and indicas owe their existence to the genetic breeding of two original strains whose identity we don’t accurately know. Although it is well known that it is an OG Kush descendant, its other parent is a mystery – many believe that it is a backcross of OG Kush and… Have you heard the terms Sativa strain, Indica strain or Hybrid strain and wondered what are the differences. G and won 3rd prize Indica. Its origins date back to the early  Her story has led to her being described as "the girl who is changing medical marijuana laws across America," as well as the "most famous example of medicinal  MedMen dispensaries offer our full menu for marijuana delivery, and online Or, visit our MedMen dispensary in Las Vegas, NV and shop the best selection of marijuana edibles, flower, prerolls, vaporizers, concentrates, OG Story Pre-Roll . Due to a high amount of chlorophyll, the leaves are darker and greener than usual. Although it has won several awards for its effects, potency, and taste, it’s unclear whether it&rsquo;s a cross between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush or simply a backcross of OG Kush phenotypes. The sativa plant grows tall (10-12ft) and produces light-green colored, fluffy buds compared to the dense buds produced by indica strains. Genetics: OG Hybrid - 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 27% Insane OG, also known as “Insane Kush” or “Insane OG Kush,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the infamous OG Kush X Bubba Kush strains. Search by popularity, time of use, common uses, effects and of course: indica, sativa and hybrid. 00 - Lindsay OG, also known as “Lindsay,” “Lindsay Kush” or “Lindsay OG Kush,” is a rare slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the infamous OG Kush X another unknown hybrid strain. Indica and sativa come in a large variety. Topping or Fimming is highly recommended. May 21, 2020 · With OG Kush, you can get about 17 ounces of useable weed per square meter. Grape Juice OG packs a sweet and fruity tas Oct 08, 2020 · Ghost Train Haze is parented by Ghost OG and Neville's Wreck, indica and sativa hybrids respectively. Effects: The high experienced is typical of many heavy indica strains, producing pronounced relaxation and pain relief, with sleep often following close behind. View Product Gold Indica plants are short, usually under six feet, and have fat deep green leaves. I believe this strain to be no different because OG has a nice strong body stone along with a pretty clear head high. Sure, it can feel played out and predictable, but the strain is a classic for a reason. Sour Jack. Essentially, a relaxing strain, both for the body and the mind. It makes up the backbone of most of the West Coast strains, and it’s known across the world for its Indica-dominant effects. “Indica and Sativa are species designations for cannabis plants. In the main, however, weed lovers stick with sativa and indica cannabis; or a combination of the two, known as hybrids . ” Indica and sativa cannabis strains usually express different terpenes and flavonoids. The smell/taste can be described as a bit of earth, fruit and spice all mixed together. 3 Sep 2020 A review on our Citron OG product page captures this complexity: As the medical marijuana industry has proven, there is certainly a  San Diego's favorite local cannabis dispensary. ruderalis. Purple strains are known for their rich coloring, and our AAA indica flowers are no different. Recognizing whether therapeutic marijuana is an indica-dominant or sativa-dominant is a crucial key to finding the right treatment for your health condition. The Legendary OG hemp strain has reports of being a “super fire” but also producing a mellow affect with happiness that erases anxiety, so bedtimes comes with relaxation. Strong relaxing effects are mixed with a smile-inducing euphoria, making it a favorite of recreational and medicinal patients alike! Indica landrace strains tend to cluster in the Middle East and Asia, while sativa landrace strains often originated in regions like Africa and South America. Strains. INDICA. com Death Star OG. Strain: OG Story. I love this strain for after my budtending shifts. Later released by DNA genetics under the name of Kosher Kush, this strain went on to win 3 back-to-back HTCC Best Indica awards from 2010-2012. In reality, this isn’t always the case. Contributor:. The genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties, sativa and indica, OG Kush arrived in Los Angeles in 1996 when Matt “Bubba” Berger brought it (along with “The Bubba,” lagerstroemia indica, which was later used to create the famed Bubba Kush) from Florida to legendary cultivator Josh D. It’s a great medical strain high in CBD, a chemical used to treat severe seizures and other conditions. Sativa strains can take between 60 and 90 days to finish flowering. Another main feature is the bud structure. ” The bouquet breathes of heavy limonene lined with jet fuel and pine, while the taste predominantly features a smooth, oaky finish. Indica vs. This dank bud is said to be the most powerful of the OG Kush family and boasts an insanely high THC level ranging from 20-25% on average buy OG Kush is a 55/45 Indica dominant hybrid with a whopping THC average of 24%. OG Kush. Jul 18, 2020 · An indica-dominant hybrid (90 percent Indica, 10 percent Sativa) Zombie OG is a cross of Blackberry and OG Kush. 21 Jun 2018 The Colorado Department of Revenue says the average price of marijuana bud has fallen below $1000 per pound for the first time since  6 Mar 2019 Sales of medical marijuana are soaring past $11 million a month after only four months of sales. It provides a heavy euphoria great for those suffering from stress disorders, migraines, or ADD/ADHD. Over the years, Sativa and Indica strains have been cross-bred to make very effective Hybrid Strains which are a mix of both species. Nov 21, 2018 · The OG Story is an award-winning cannabis strain grown by Desert Grown Farms. Some users report that they are able to think more clearly while under the influence of sativa-dominant strains. Find information about the OG Story strain from Rythm such as potency, offers a variety of expertly cultivated and meticulously cured indica-dominant strains  12 Feb 2020 r/MDEnts - Rythm OG story: 26. Godfather OG. BRUCE LEE ROY OG. This marijuana strain is also a hybrid result of combining certain strains. Having tested up to 29% THC, it is one of the most potent indica strains in the world. Therefore, depending upon the dominant strain, individuals can Every legend has a story and Desert Grown Farms' OG Story has proven itself legendary. Find Cannabis Products and Browse OG Story [. Producer: Cali Kush Farms. OG, Super Silver (Lemon) Haze and AK-47 are some of my favorites. Breeding of cannabis is not limited to Sativa X Indica, but two different strains of the same species can also be used to develop a hybrid strain. hybrid. Please verify below. Sharing news, videos, blogs and articles of interest related to medical marijuana, cannabis oil and 420 news of interest. It smells and tastes like a traditional indica, but with the creative spark and imagination-stirring properties of a sativa. Bubba OG. 7% CBD: 2% Strain: Sativa. The fragrance is a strong mix of pine and classic earthiness, both of which fully emerge in the flavor of the smoke. For best results, use the quiz here as a guide to help you maneuver through the wide selection of cannabis products currently available on the market. Who are indicas right for? Indicas are picked by people who want to try and treat stubborn insomnia, as well as folks trying to manage body pain or stress. It is a famous strain because it can increase your energy level, with its 20% THC level in its content. Apr 23, 2018 · Indica & Sativa. Jan 25, 2019 · While sativa strains tend to grow lanky and tall, the indica strain happens to grow stout and short, typically around two to six feet tall, producing a smaller yield — around 1. It is a hybrid of Cherry Pie, Grandaddy Purps, and OG Kush. Therefore, Indica is best used after dinner or before bed. Search medical cannabis menus by price, strength, flavor, treatable symptoms  View the marijuana dispensary menu, reviews and photos. Early in the history of Western cannabis breeding, cultivators separated the plant into two general groups: indica and sativa. Read full story Aurora Cannabis soars 34% to lead weed stock rally fueled by Biden's lead in presidential race Aurora Cannabis and Tilray set to detail hoarding of marijuana during COVID-19. OG Kush may well be the foremost well-known indica strain within the world. What are the stages of Marijuana's life cycle? Choosing your seed; Germination stage; Sprouting or seeding stage; Growth stages; Flowering period; Harvesting  You must be 21 years of age or older to find your chalice. Feb 14, 2014 · Tahoe OG By the numbers: $10/gram, $200-$280/ounce at Pure Dispensary, 505 W. The AK-OG Kush strain from Amsterdam Genetics is an 80% indica, 20% sativa. Grape Juice OG packs a sweet and fruity tas 100% premium California cannabis that comes in 3 sizes: 1/8th (3. It’s a rare strain, though, and its buds are hard to come by in dispensaries. From the two most powerful indica strains comes Cataract Kush. OG Kush is an example of an excellent hybrid strain, so is Super Silver Haze. sati Sep 23, 2020 · Doing a strain search for an OG strain we just called “sinsemilla”, possibly “monkey puke” due to the buds lime green color and brilliant red hairs. Dennis Romero December 3, 2013. Bubba OG is an indica dominant hybrid with a hint of sativa. The story goes that the strain was called Green Kush until Snoop Dogg  If I told you a story about a marijuana grow hidden beneath a cherry factory that was dumping so much toxic juice into Brooklyn sewers that local bees were. indica landraces tend to have higher THC content than C. With proper maintenance and monitoring, the strain has a natural greyish black color. Profound thought patterns, an uplifted attitude, and heightened creative outputs are a few of the fabulous effects of this strain. Sativa vs. Death Star OG. 13 May 2020 Tahoe OG strain of cannabis at Simply Pure dispensary in Denver. As the child of these heavyweight champion strains, Tropaya delivers a crushing blow of euphoria straight to the head, where it swiftly sinks down to relax the entire body. 300 products Visit RISE Joppa Medical Marijuana Menu to Order Flower Online. 5 to 2. This potent strain is known for its strong sedative effects, appetite-stimulation, and stress management. The Jesus OG strain is said to be a cross between Jack The Ripper, Hell’s Angel OG, and Space Queen. With 80% Indica, this strain is best for night time. Terpene Indica dominant. However, OG Kush’s own lineage remains an entire mystery; no one precisely is aware of wherever this unbelievable strain is The OG strain, on the other hand, contains mainly compounds of guaiol, myrcene, a-pinene, β-eudesmol, and trans-ocimene. An Indica strain helps you relax and aids in sleep. This hybrid has flowers with a nice blend of green hues, densely arranged structure, and with delicate orange hairs throughout and a nice frosting of trichomes. With THC levels typically around 20 percent and low CBD levels, Sour OG took first in the hybrid category at the 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Michigan. Official Sativa Dominant. 65 percent terps; Indica strains are smellier! Indicas carried around 16 percent more of the smelly terpenes Jul 03, 2020 · “Labeling strains as indica or sativa ultimately is a disservice to patients and consumers because it sets up false expectations around experience,” said Emma Chasen, a cannabis educator and industry consultant with a degree from Brown University in Medicinal Plant Research. Kush Vs. Arun, 33, happily shared his story but didn't want to share his full name. By comparison, the vague standards of 'indica' and 'sativa', combined with one-word descriptors of a famously ineffable high, point toward a cannabis industry with a lot of growing up to do. Cannabis strains are oftentimes described or determined first by whether they are an indica or sativa, or a cross of the two. So kick off your shoes and relax your feet because you won’t be moving from the couch. The Kush and OG strains are both Cannabis Sativa strains even though each has outstanding characteristics. com/news/1155808/. Indica plants are cannabis plants with a small and compact body. While Death Star OG is an indica strain, its sativa roots give users a more manageable high than one might expect. Terpene Profile: Myrcene: Has a clove/musky aroma and is great for sedation, pain, sleep, and muscle tension. 00 · OG Story Details. It's a terrific strain. This indica-dominant hybrid works as an excellent appetite stimulant for patients who have a low THC threshold. It’s a hybrid that leans slightly Sativa according to some experts, although others claim it’s slightly Indica. This Nov 26, 2019 · Cannabis has a lot of impressive effects, but these traits vary widely among the popular hemp strains. The first thing to know about the Ghost OG strain is that nothing is higher in THC content. The true meaning of these terms, however, is often lost in the hubbub over indica vs. Feminized OG Kush x Mazar Seeds. $45. Dec 03, 2013 · Marijuana Strains Like OG Kush Are Meaningless, Expert Says. Jan 15, 2015 · Some of the most highly regarded strains today, like OG Kush, are also partly founded on old world Pakistanis. Where Indica and Sativa genetics are brought together, the resulting hybrid may be balanced or Indica/Sativa dominant. sativa and C. 10 strongest Indica strains (in no particular order): 1. This means it could work well if your anxiety is coupled with a chronic pain condition. Expect a fruity and earthy profile that relaxes and eases anxiety with a euphoric bliss throughout the body. A hybrid is when you crossbreed the two strains of indica and sativa together. Varieties are developed to intensify specific characteristics of the plant, or to differentiate the strain for the purposes of marketing or to make it more effective as a drug. Most people “in the know” view marijuana strains as sativa vs. Over-do it however and Firewalker OG will leave you feeling ‘couch locked’ and lethargic. This 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid shares its name with the 1997 movie in which Nicolas Cage and John Travolta literally swap faces (“I want to take his face…off!”), and the experience this May 19, 2020 · This strain may be stronger on the indica side of the legend but when smoked both indica and sativa strain worlds mix magically. The Real Sativa vs Indica. 35g]. 500mg cannabis oil. Apr 08, 2020 · Indica and sativa strains come from two types of cannabis plants: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. 9% THCa, 1% THC, Northam: 'We are going to move forward with legalizing marijuana in Virginia' - Virginia Mercury. , cultivates young cannabis plants in a guest room. Nov 15, 2011 · skunk #1 it 75% sativa and 25% afghani. It has almost everything you might expect from a best-in-class sativa strain – from the short flowering time and huge yields to an extremely potent high and killer flavour. Ogre OG Strain Indica Weed. Lab Tested Results Of OG Kush Vape Jan 11, 2011 · Various other strains can be produced by crossing indica and sativa strains. The stronger varieties will numb your body and put you to sleep. This strain was created several years ago by Johnny, one of our breeders. View stories  4 Aug 2020 It goes by many names, including pot, grass, cannabis, weed, hemp, hash, marihuana, ganja, and dozens of others. It is actually the child of Purple Urkel as well as the ever popular parent Ghost OG Kush. It is a high potency strain with strong flavor and of course comes with a hint of chocolate and mint. A common element in many of our indica flowers though is a purple strain, seen in five of our indica weed products. 5 ounces for each plant. indica when compared to C. Pine and spice seem to define this strain, which delivers the heady and buzzy effects of sativa first, then settles into body relaxation and a clearer mind as the indica steps in. Summary of Kush Vs. Though Ghost Train Haze claims one relatively mollifying strain as a parent, its phenotype is a powerful expression of stereotypical sativa dominance with complex notes of terpinolene and myrcene, underpinned by a delicate suggestion of limonene. Lithium OG Kush is a high THC, predominantly Indica marijuana strain. The best Sativa strains for anxiety. Winner of the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica, Godfather OG lives up to its name. What are cannabis strains? They are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant genus cannabis, which includes the species C. Orange Blossom is a true hybrid cross of Orange Bud and OG Kush that leans slightly toward Indica but provides an even mix of Sativa and Indica traits. Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 10% Sativa THC: 19% – 21%, CBD: 1% LA Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/10% sativa) strain with widely debated genetics. Sativas: fruity, floral, and cerebral . A pure indica strain which is the product of cross-breeding LA Confidential and OG Kush. Each variety of cannabis has its distinctive attributes. The indica genetics in the heritage keep the body relaxed and calm. This American original, now world-famous, remains seriously popular throughout the US and Canada. (Gina Ferazzi / Los  Even if you don't use, marijuana is changing the world around you in On this episode, Harold shares his story and doubles as our guide to the world of infused   23 Sep 2020 A massive hemp empire is accused of growing illegal marijuana and sowing violence on the Navajo Nation. ROC OG strikes the perfect balance between earthy, pine aromas and sour, citrus notes. Instead most strains of cannabis are a hybrid of the two. 1974. There is technically a third type of cannabis-derived from hybridisation of sativa and Indica, called Ruderalis. </p> Hybrid strains that display more indica than sativa traits are labeled “indica-dom,” while those that lean toward sativa are similarly dubbed “sativa-dom. Pure indica strains have a shorter flowering period than sativa – on average between 45 and 65 days to harvest once flowering has commenced. May 28, 2019 · Sativa strains usually show a high THC content and low CBD content, whilst landrace indica strains tend have a lower THC content, and a somewhat higher CBD content. Hybrids A hybrid is a cannabis plant that is a crossbreed between an indica and a sativa plant. It has around 40% CBD, which makes it a good choice for deep relaxation for your mind and body. In 2014 Lady Sativa Genetics entered the 1st Barcelona Breeders Cup event and placed 1st Prize for their mind blowing Exodus Fuel Concentrate and 3rdPrize for the More of a nighttime cannabis strain due to its sedative effects, the Blackberry OG cannabis strain also extends users with a holistic total body high. The true OG Kush is a sativa though, but there have been so many different cuts that shit gets mixed up. 8-9 weeks of flowering and it’s time to chop orange trees. Here are five likely benefits associated with cannabis sativa strains: Creativity. Aside from the fantastic taste of this tropical-infused strain, you can expect a seriously happy high. , Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis — you’ve probably already heard these terms being used to describe different species of cannabis. Its genetics come from a cross between our Amnesia Haze and a Lemon Skunk, making it a powerful strain with an instantly recognisable lemon aroma. The result is a Cheese line with high yields and fast flowering. For centuries, people have been saying that sativa strains have a strong and uplifting ‘head high’, while indica strains supposedly have a more body-centred and relaxing high. There are no definite facts whether this marijuana strain is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa. We look forward to hearing your story of how you find your chalice. The Skywalker OG recently won the 2018 karma Cup due to its powerful tranquilizing effects. Mar 19, 2011 · OG Kush is an example of an excellent hybrid strain, so is Super Silver Haze. Part of the state's marijuana delivery into law, which Gov. Blue Dream is to the 2010s what Purple Haze was to the late 60s. In terms of aroma, it has an earthy scent with citrus notes. allbud. A Hybrid strain is a mix of both. Indica 70% – Sativa 30% As low as $10. C. Cannabis media company Herb, for example, describes [1] the effects of sativa weed as “as invigorating as a cup of coffee”, whereas indica weed acts “like a sleeping pill”. To explain the strain Dumpster OG you must know the legend behind it. 28 Oct 2019 The story is complicated for many modern strains, which are often Afghani marijuana is usually referred to as indica; however, in 1926 Nikolai  14 Feb 2014 I've seen Tahoe OG labeled as an indica, a sativa and a hybrid. Final words: Oct 20, 2020 · Jesus OG is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its mind-altering effects. In fact, most plants are hybrids and very few growers will claim their plants are ’100% sativa’ or ’100% indica’ with any real authority. But it’s very low in THC 7–15% at most – so Cannatonic isn’t a good bet for getting high, despite its name. It caught my eye because I associated the  20 Apr 2017 A variety of medicinal marijuana buds in jars are pictured at Los lies in anecdotes, but he thinks they still tell an important part of the story. And at 30+%, two hits (flower in glass) and 3 minutes later I could feel it in my face and I quickly Tokyo OG is yet another banging phenotype of the famously classic OG Kush strain. However, given the state of the research and the blurry line between a hybrid and a pure strain, calling a hybrid ‘sativa dominant’ or ‘indica dominant’ is imprecise at best. Known for it’s intense high and orange citrus aroma, Orange Kush is perfect for Indica lovers that need something to help them relax after a long day. 317. High Times gave this strain Best Indica in 2016 for its unique representation of OG lineage. Marijuana Strains : What are the different Strains and Their Characteristics Marijuana Nutrients - Macro and Micro Nutrients Marijuana Deficiencies - Identify and Solve your Deficiency Buy gelato strain. OG Kush is a strong Indica strain, delivering heavy relaxation and sedative effects. Those listed as I/S mean characteristics of Cannabis indica dominate and vice  30 Apr 2018 Get briefed on the story of the week, and developing stories to watch across the Asia-Pacific. Skywalker. Indica strains tend to emit musty, earthy, and skunky aromas and taste profiles. This 90% Indica strain gives a soothing mind and body high, relaxing both the physical body and its mental mind. There are very few cannabis strains that are of true indica or true sativa variety. Named after its frosty scarlet hairs, Fire 0G brings you to the top of a mountain of euphoria (thanks to its sativa genes traced back to Chemdog) that quickly spreads heavy bliss, melting the body into deep states of relaxation. per plant all depending on the grow operation. Unusually for an Indica, this strain is instantly uplifting, quickly taking you into a state of euphoria and extreme happiness. OG Story [. Knowing whether a cannabis plant is from the indica or sativa strain does not always provide much information about the relative amounts of THC or CBD it may contain, as people tend to believe Mar 16, 2020 · The strongest Indica strains have powerful effects on anorexia, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and other sleep disorders, muscle spasms, and more. Latest Sativa Marijuana Strain Reviews. Mankind provides quality marijuana to the San Diego community for healing and recreational purposes. Chocolate Mint OG 20. Sativa strains are commonly known more for the stimulant effect these strains have on users. Indica 40% – Sativa 60% Nov 04, 2019 · Boasting a 95% sativa / 5% indica ratio, chocolate haze combines some of the best qualities of sativa cannabis into one amazing stain. Photo  4 Feb 2014 You'd need to smoke 200+ joints to OD on marijuana -- but there are Here's a breakdown of what we know and don't know about the health effects of marijuana – a drug that roughly Steven Moyo contributed to this story. A full-grown, mature indica can grow as tall as 3 to 4 feet. OG Haze marijuana plants grow fluffy buds, the nugs smell of diesel and pine. Original Breeder: Solfire Gardens. 1%. While telling a story, I just lost my train of thought, but it came back pretty  1 Dec 2019 People, some from out of state, camped out overnight to take advantage of the first legal recreational marijuana sales in Michigan. Indica. As one of the most potent strains available, this indica-dominant hybrid has tested as high as 28% THC. These plants are autoflowering so there’s no need to force flowering by light regime changes - they’ll do well under 18 or even 20 hours of light each day. Reported tastes are earthy, lemony, piney, and woody. indica genetic categories: marijuana and hemp plants. The body high that it produces may be described as an inducing couch lock. Bubba OG Type: Regular, Feminized Climate: Indoor/Outdoor Flowering: 65 days Yield: 350-450 g ind/350-450 g out Height: 18†-24†indoor/2’-4’ out Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica Effect: Mellow Flavour: Hashy, fruity, diesel THC Level: High Growing: Medium/Hard Bubba OG is a marijuana strain that is known for being one of the hybrids of Indica and Sativa strains. Our Story; Strains. This friend partakes at least Other, well known Indica strains like Banana Kush, Tahoe OG, or Indica Bland produce a feeling of serenity, bodily bliss, and relaxation, with more accented introspection and self-reflection focus. Dismiss GSC for short, it is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Durban Poison, a sativa landrace strain from South Africa, and OG Kush, an indica strain from the West Coast of the United States. 1/8 oz -. One shorter and more indica, the other leans more sativa and stretches taller. 16 May 2020 s the story of Haze? Haze is, probably, the most grown and renowned 100% sativa hybrid throughout the world. While the cannabis experience is much more dynamic than two categories, Indica and Sativa terminology has become an industry standard, with most products at Harborside categorized as Indica, Sativa or hybrid. sativa, C. Find Your Kind. In reality, no scientific evidence supports this dichotomy because on a molecular level, indica and sativa strains don't have pattern differences that set the two "types" apart from each other. Sour Diesel. Hybrid fans say it gives users the best of both worlds. Supermax OG displays few side effects and can transform your mood with just a few puffs, turning any frown upside down. Some consumers the aroma reminded them of chocolate and coffee. 21 Dec 2018 I came across the cannabis strain Coma while browsing jars at one of my favorite cannabis shops. Grape Juice OG packs a sweet and fruity tas Jan 11, 2016 · According to Dinafem, OG Kush is “75 percent indica and 25 percent sativa,” this would make it a pretty heavy indica, which many users would expect to give them a relaxing effect. Here at Super Strains you will find the crème de la crème in the area of feminised Cannabis seeds The beautiful species Indica, Sativa and Autoflower have been selected for you, so you can shop together with just a few clicks an excellent collection of feminized cannabis seeds. The cannabis strain Triple Cheese from Barney's Farm comes from a series of crosses, selections and backcrosses of the Original Cheese, enriched with the Blue Cheese marijuana . 21 Nov 2018 West Coast Weed TourBest In The West Review The OG Story is an award- winning cannabis strain grown by Desert Grown Farms. Interestingly, in the aforementioned study, researchers did find a distinction between two types of cannabis that do appear to fit within the C. Fire OG is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain that is a potent cross between the hugely popular OG Kush X San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Although it’s a fairly new addition to the cannabis scene, OG Kush x Mazar’s effects are highly sought-after. Even though it’s still used as a way to differentiate an effect (a Sativa or Indica effect), the Sativa vs Indica difference is now in the structure a plant will develop. Eventually try a pure indica, a pure sativa, and a 50/50 crossbreed to see if you can see the difference in the high. Bred with genetics from the legendary OG Kush strain, it’s sure to leave you in a fully relaxed state. Sativas are uplifting, indicas are calming… However, are these marijuana strain distinctions actually complete nonsense? The flowering periods of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are quite different. 19 Nov 2019 I am pretty new to the whole medical marijuana scene, and therefore am not a complete expert when it comes to the whole variety of cannabis  9 Feb 2020 marijuana-based medicines starting operating out of Koramangala. So, the Hybrid can also help with your selection, especially if you want to stick to the Indica and Sativa debate. Bush out these plants to the max for the heaviest harvest. Unlike other big-name strains like Bruce Banner, the Ghost OG story is less clear-cut. View Product Purple Haze Feminized Buy Marijuana Seeds. By opening day of recreational sales,  10 Sep 2018 By and large, most of the major strains sold today are hybrids. She soon became a believer: A twice-daily dose of marijuana dramatically  10 May 2018 Half of oncologists who recommended marijuana did so without feeling they had sufficient knowledge of the drug. Now, next time you treat yourself to your next strain of weed, put a little more thought into exactly what you want. Identify the main effects of indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains, and learn the meaning of some naming conventions. Jan 22, 2019 · This hybrid strain is a blend of Durban Poison and OG Kush. The high from a quality indica strain leaves you relaxed and social. May 28, 2020 · CBD Sativa strains are best used in the morning or throughout the day. Notable Indica Strains. When i think of the Best Indica Strain then the only strain which comes to my mind is Skywalker OG (fem) (Visit Official website). The French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, after examining the strain, described it as a strong mind-altering relaxant that produces high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ) and low levels of Cannabidiol ( CBD ). THC tests show a range of 18 to 21 percent THC and 0. Flavors are identical to the aroma. For a strain more on the indica side, have a look at our White Rhino. Hybrid refers to a strain created by combining both indica and sativa strains. Medical marijuana dispensary, doctor and medicine directory with reviews. Nov 13, 2019 · Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica are simply two different broad classifications of the cannabis plant, each of them with their own offshoots of different strains and genetics. This strain won a prize in the 2015 High Times NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup. Full Story: https://www. The latter is seldom used, although autoflowering strains tend to have ruderalis genetics. 5 OG Story Strain: OG Story Producer: Desert Grown Farms Contributor: I changed time zones and started operating on marijuana minutes. indica, and C. Jul 12, 2020 · OG Kush is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that has slightly more sativa characteristics. Jun 30, 2020 · This strain may be stronger on the indica side of the legend but when smoked both indica and sativa strain worlds mix magically. Sativa/Indica Hybrids. Grape Juice OG, also known as “Grape Juice Kush,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the delicious Grape Ape X Orange Juice strains. This strain is a product of crossing two high THC strains, Skywalker and OG Kush. The taste and smell are very noticeably of diesel Jul 14, 2019 · Granddaddy Purple is a form of Indica marijuana that will promote relaxation throughout your mind and body. To rack up a massive stash, marijuana fans can rely on these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. The Indica strain grows as a short bushy plant and was first classified in 1785 as a strain in the Cannabaceae family. It is widely believed that Sativa strains give an uplifting and cerebral high that is ideal for activities, social gatherings, and creative projects, while Indica strains provide a relaxing full-body high better suited for unwinding at the end of the day and falling asleep. Nov 11, 2020 · Skywalker OG. youtube. Sep 28, 2020 · A hybrid of Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush, Alien OG is a spicy, piney, and earthy indica-leaning strain that also carries a touch of sweetness from its Kush lineage. Hybrid strains are a balance of indica and sativa effects. Generally, a Sativa strain gives your energy and is uplifting. Nov 20, 2019 · So, while looking for an indica or a sativa strain is a good place to start, what’s even more important is that you have a heart-to-heart with your doctor and then come talk to your bud tender. With thousands of cannabis strains available, Wikileaf makes it easy to find the perfect strain for you. Apr 21, 2020 · Oftentimes, hybrid flower will be called indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. OG Story is an interesting strain that in its genetics are uncertain. These buds are full of trichomes, down to the stem. Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Indica, Insomnia, Loss of Ghost OG. 3 percent CBD. Either way Oct 20, 2020 · If you are a fan of the classic, high-THC Afghani strains of the past, this is for you. In 2013 Lady Sativa Genetics entered the 26th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam Netherlands for the 1st time ever with their Knightsbridge O. 158. Indica tends to describe broad leaf strains with more full-body effects. Sativa strains have potent medicinal properties, especially in treating conditions that kush and indica strains can’t. May 11, 2020 · The indica-sativa naming system is a form of folk taxonomy that’s being replaced by a more quantifiable system, but it continues to be used because it’s useful. Tropaya is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between two celebrity strains, Tropicana Cookies and Papaya, and is bred by Oni. These are grown with a mix of True OG comes from Southern California and is a child of the legendary OG Kush strain. This will also cause them to feel the cerebral effects specific to Sativa strains, without it being too stimulating. $100 OG – Hybrid. best indica strains, Since then, OG Kush has become a worldwide staple used to create Sep 02, 2015 · Because of balanced effects between the sativa and indica qualities, the Clinic suggests its use for chronic pain and anxiety, and I cannot agree more on the bodily chronic pain aspect. Ratios of Indica to Sativa Cannabis indica is one of the three subspecies of cannabis with the other two Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis. Origins. indica and marijuana to C. As such, it’s always hard to say whether it’s Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant until you take the first puff. Hybrid – Everything you thought you knew about marijuana strains was wrong. Nick cruises through for another Strain Review Saturday, this time reviewing some of the "Real OG Kush Story" OG cut from Cali Kush Farms. 48% THC Sativa . Shop from our selection of Indica terpenes! Purity Guaranteed. The THC more typically tests at over 18%, but Lineage: OG Kush Top Terps: B-Caryopyllene, Limonene, B-Myrcene Aroma: Rich and earthy. While the SHI system usually refers to the predicted effects of a strain, the terms are rooted in plant genetics. Get comfy. Jun 09, 2020 · People often describe cannabis strains as being indica, sativa, or hybrid. Don't let the name scare you away - Insane OG isn't too c Most strains are a mixture of both indica and sativa. Indicas also produce less of a yield, but the indica’s shorter cycle of growth offsets this lower yield. First Time Buyer will get Free Cartridges and Edibles . The strong effects are felt throughout the entire body. This 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid shares its name with the 1997 movie in which Nicolas Cage and John Travolta Double OG Sour Diesel. Like its namesake, it will bring strong kush attributes and make you feel like you are in the clouds for hours. We can’t exactly argue with them considering the genetics are, for the Sep 20, 2018 · So if differences in cannabinoid profiles don’t tell the story behind the perceived differences of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, you might wonder if there’s another chemical explanation. Alien OG kush has the typical lemon-pine “OG” smell and flavor, and an intense high that combines heavy indica body effects and a psychedelic cerebral buzz. Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period 30%/70% The OG Story is a strain with a mix of Florida genetics. Nov 09, 2020 · This fast-acting hybrid contains around 70% indica and is known for its above-average yields during harvest. Sensi Star is also linked to this strain and although the buds are similar, those of Orge OG are larger. "The terms sativa and indica are only really valid for describing the physical characteristics of the cannabis strain in a given environment," deCesare told High Times. Sativa strains, for instance, may have more limonene, a citrus-smelling terpene that’s also found in oranges, lemons, and limes. Lots of speculation o Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa THC: 19% – 23%, CBN: 1% Superman OG is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain […] Do you like it? Read more The Alien OG strain is a cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. Ruderalis were first known as indica-dominant strains originating primarily out of Central Asian countries such as Afghanistan and Nepal. Grape Juice OG packs a sweet and fruity tas We select the very best sativa and indica strains and combine them into super strains that maintain the best aspects from both parents. 193%CBD 2. From $89. sativa. Award Winning Strain Tahquitz OG (pronounced TAH – KWITS) is a combination of some of the most popular strains every created. Riverview Farms Funfetti Indica Hybrid 14 Grams (1/2 Oz) 21. Marijuana Strains / Indica Strains / Desert Grown Farms – OG Story. Also people like to change names, for example people get Larry OG and call it OG Kush, when Larry OG could be an Indica dominant cut. You see, this story starts when Often this means you'll be looking for strains that have some Ruderalis genetics in them as well as the more common Sativa and Indica genetics. Hindu Kush, a pure indica landrace Jan 03, 2019 · Most Hybrid strains will give medical marijuana patients the “body high” associated with Indica strains, minus the “couch-lock” effect. Get the Newsletter. Jul 21, 2020 · Keep reading to get the real story of Indica vs. This pure sativa strain is a favorite among users and cannabis growers. OG Kush Vape Cartridge. Northern Lights Sens-Star Purple Kush God’s Gift. Finding the best Sativa strains for anxiety isn’t difficult. This dank bud is an OG Kush phenotype and boasts THC level of up to 25% on average. Expect to feel relaxed and blissful without an overwhelming couch-lock effect. Grim Bastard OG Strain Review. This energetic high is the result of higher levels of THC found in Sativa strains as compared to Indica strains. measurements in the 26% range. OG. it has no motivation or psychoactivity in the buzz, just euphoria and a stone that gets worse & worse the more you smoke it until that's about all you get out of it. Fact: The terms Indica and Sativa actually refers to plant biology, not effects. Nov 26, 2018 · Hybrid strains are like the X-men of cannabis; the growers mix Sativa and Indica to breed a custom strain which would have an impact they are aiming for. Indica flowers are generally bulky, compact and dense. Home; Strains; BLACK ROZE. Most patients report using OG Kush for sleep disorders, migraines, and stress. Wonderful taste and aroma. 399%total terpenes. She has small leaves and grows leggy in early flower but finishes in just over 8 weeks producing big aromatic buds almost aglow with pastel colors, beautifully curling pistols and playful A heavy hitting sativa strain which provides mental energy and focus. This Indica heavy clone has a slightly illusive origin story, but common census leans towards it being a mix of Master Kush and Bubba Kush. Their make depends on the traits of their descendants, for example, Green Crack is based on the genetic makeup of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Apr 08, 2019 · Popular strains: Hybrids are typically classified as indica-dominant (or indica-dom), sativa-dominant (sativa-dom), or balanced. Here are some examples of cannabis strains All Indica Strains With thousands of cannabis strains available, Wikileaf makes it easy to find the perfect strain for you. Nicknamed the “Don of OGs,” the Godfather OG isn’t new to the cannabis market, but CHR appears to have tweaked their grow process and hybrid ratios to just - $70. Sep 17, 2020 · Article content continued. This will have the usual kush coffee aroma. 3 Nov 2019 OG Story looks like your typical indica bud, having deep colors including patches of blues along with a dusting of trichomes on its spade-shaped  CKF OG Story by Cali Kush Farms. Jul 31, 2018 · This strain is an even blend of sativa and indica (50:50 sativa/indica ratio). Despite this, many OG Kush fans report that it produces sativa-like uplifting effects, which could certainly be true given the pure sativa Thai genetics crossed Sep 22, 2012 · Too bad there are no OG kush seeds. A 50% indica, 50% sativa strain that earned its name because it was so damn expensive when it was first sold. This Ghost OG strain review is going to set the record straight for you. Wanted a decent indica and my budtender recommended the OG Story. 18+. 47. The OG Story is a powerful, body-hitting indica that will make any seasoned smoking veteran question their personally constructed “tolerance. For Cancer Patients who experience nausea, appetite loss, sleep hardship, and depression, an Indica strain can help users eat, sleep, rest, and give a euphoric boost to assist the patient with the miserable stresses of dealing with cancer. It's used as a medical marijuana to successfully help patients with depression and anxiety-related disorders due to its mood boosting capabilities. Sep 21, 2019 · Besides their morphological differences, the cannabis community also tells sativa and indica strains apart based on their effects. Indicas originate from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and the surrounding areas. Product Grade A Flower Lineage Chem Dawg 91 x Super Skunk Genetics 80% Sativa, 20% Indica OG Kush is perhaps the most famous strain in the entire world. A dominant Indica beauty weighing 85/15, is the daughter of Skywalker and OG Kush. But thanks to breeding, both indica and sativa strains can be found with varying THC:CBD cannabinoid concentrations. 27 Nov 2018 Their venture started with a single medical marijuana store a mile from their childhood home in Northglenn. Originating out of Santa Cruz, indica-hybrid ROC OG is a powerful cross between Raskal OG and Chemdawg 91. The strain was brought into existence via the crossbreeding of legendary strains Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough. This ambitious breeding project created a sativa-dominant cultivar with a genetic makeup of 75% sativa genetics and 25% indica genetics. Other times a strain will indicate only a percentage, such as “70 percent indica” or “80 Grape Juice OG, also known as “Grape Juice Kush,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the delicious Grape Ape X Orange Juice strains. It was around upstate SC in 1979 or any information on California Red/Orange Hair of the same period as they are possibly the same. It has an 80:20 Indica to Sativa ratio and it is meant to give consumers a unique mind and body high, allowing users to still be productive. This explicit strain has such favorable characteristics that it’s usually used as a parent by cannabis breeders trying to make new strains. indica in that it is a hardier, fibrous plant much like hemp and possesses little to no THC, making it non-psychoactive. Apparently, some seeds from this strain (which were fathered either by a Chem Dawg male or hermaphrodite) were taken to Massachusetts where they were grown out. These plants have wide leaves and have shorter flowering times and harvest times than sativa plants. This is still an indica strain though, so deep relaxation is part of the package. A pretty balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid, this  When grown properly, Gangster OG produces very dense, round, golf-ball-size buds that put off a pungent lemon/hash aroma. 31 Oct 2019 OG Story (Indica). While indicas are associated with body highs, sativas are associated with head highs, which at times can translate to bursts of creativity and thinking outside the box. A smile in every bowl of Pacific Stone’s premium California flower. Pineapple Express. Mar 21, 2020 · A mix of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck, the strain’s genetics are 70 percent sativa and 30 percent indica, although it has been listed here because of its effects. B Jun 20, 2020 · Or if you’re looking for a Sativa dominant strain, there’s our Gelato Auto. 5m) as a norm. On the other end of the spectrum, Indica strains have more relaxing and calming properties which can sometimes lead to sleepiness. It is a 75% Indica and 25% Sativa hybrid strain that has one of the highest THC contents out there. in Denver. 75% indica and 25% Sativa hybrid; Feminized seeds; 19% THC <1% CBD; Grows best in sunny climates or What happens when you cross the sleep-inducing indica Alien OG (a cross of Alien Tech and OG Kush) with the legendary sativa Sour Diesel? A: Pure supernova fire! Customer favorite Sour Alien OG is a hybrid (slightly indica dominant) strain with significant heritage from both of its parents. In the middle of the spectrum are Hybrid strains. The story of Face Off OG begins in the late 1990s in California when Archive Seeds was gifted with the seeds of an exceptional OG Kush phenotype. Listen to the story in Diné. Sativa, as we debunk some myths and spread some facts, so you can pick a new cannabis strain with confidence! Myth: ‘Indica’ means sedative, ‘Sativa’ means stimulating. Jan 05, 2013 · When grown properly, the strain is a delicacy that deserves a spot on every cannabis enthusiast’s wish list. Sativa. Well, you have come to the right place. Furthermore, Indica strains have a wide, short leaves with short wide blades. Once OG Raskal brilliantly combined it with the Fire OG cut to create White Fire OG, the result instantly found success at the highest levels. Other strains might occasionally test above 28% THC, but few can repeat those results. Gelato Dispensary thrives on great customer service and premium quality products, with swift and safe delivery you can trust. Purple Ghost OG is one of the new offerings you would likely expect from Riot seeds. Traditionally, sativa strains are more uplifting and euphoric and are recommended for daytime use. The effect is uplifting and euphoric, and recommended for those suffering from ADD/ADHD and anxiety. When I created Nugtopia my goal was  Here's our list of the best and strongest marijuana strains you can buy in 2020. When it comes to the flavor, the name of this bud says it all. com/user/enews. This dank bud is said to be the most powerful of the OG Kush family and boasts an insanely high THC level ranging from 20-25% on average See full list on cannasos. OG Story is a great strain for relaxation. Beginners and novices, be sure to take it slow with this heavy-hitter. Dutchie Afternoon Delight #7. This is where the cannabis Indica moves in. It has a classic diesel smell, but still sour and even citrusy, its flavor is robust and it expands the lungs upon inhalation more extremely than other strains. 27 Aug 2017 The OG Story is a powerful, body-hitting indica that will make any Related Topics:Bedtimecannabiscannabis legalizationmarijuanaogstrain  6 Nov 2019 4. 26 May 2020 Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Sativa strains are best used to treat emotional and mental disorders including stress, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. This hybrid strain hits all the right notes, singing a harmonious balance of sativa and indica. Taste: Fruity taste. 50%THC 0. Jul 27, 2019 · Understand that each marijuana strain can affect people differently. Jul 28, 2020 · Kosher Kush, first known as Jew Gold, is a heavy-hitting indica strain originating from Los Angeles. OG Kush is a very unique (and classic) Indica strain. It delivers the relaxation and body buzz that one comes to expect from an Indica, but unlike most, it also provides an extremely euphoric but clear-headed high like a top-shelf Sativa. Also known as Skywalker OG Kush, this strain boasts a powerful THC count, with maximum. Flowertown pineapple sativa cannabis. 75 percent terps by mass, while the Sativas had 0. Jun 21, 2016 · The pool of Indica strains had 0. This variety keeps the earthy but also spicy aromas and a taste of wood when exhaling. Desert Grown Farms is powered by Cali Kush Farm genetics. Sativa strains take slightly longer to mature than indica strains and produce higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD. When choosing a strain to consume or grow it is recommended to know the smell and flavors a plant produces to really know the effect you will get. Jaden Hossler Arrested for Marijuana | E! News http://www. Available In Stores; Genetic Library; SATIVA - DOMINANT Lasqueti Haze OG Kush INDICA - DOMINANT Legacy Collection Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid for good health? What is effective in relieving chronic disease symptoms? Medical Marijuana Indica Strains. May 21, 2020 · Characteristics of the Best OG Strains. It doesn't matter what you call it, as-long-as you understand the story of its genesis. Read more at Territory Dispensary. 40th Ave. Hybrid, Indica-dominant Taste: Earthy & Piney. Features. Even though it is Sativa dominant, it can leave you couch-locked if you smoke too much. Yield sizes for sativa plants are on the lower end which can range from 9 to 20 oz. Although OG Kush strains are classically indica, this particular crop exhibits many sativa traits. Sativa strains are energizing with uplifting cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, social gatherings, and creative projects. While many people favor smoking Sativa strain of marijuana recreationally, this variety doesn’t always provide satisfactory medicinal results for some conditions. A breeder of international fame, Soma is synonymous with earth-friendly grow techniques and an appreciation for the healing qualities of marijuana. Grape Juice OG packs a sweet and fruity tas If you live in a warmer climate and are looking for an Indica-dominant strain, OG Kush is an excellent choice for your outdoor grow. Download Leafly: Marijuana Reviews on the App Store Download Leafly Marijuana Reviews on Google Play. OG Kush is rightly revered as one of the best weed strains of all time. While certainly not always true, names of strains that include “haze” in them are usually sativa May 20, 2020 · Labeling a strain Indica or Sativa was established years before we realized how terpenes and cannabinoids interacted together to deliver unique effects. A 50/50 hybrid strain, Sour OG offers that truly balance experience between indica and sativa effects, and a relaxed body with an uplifted mind. sativa strains Some users report more of a "stoned" feeling and less of a "high" from C. A guide to the strains of cannabis that The Clinic is currently cultivating. THC: 26. Sativa strains have been known to reach the soaring heights of 25ft (7. Sativa / Indica. og story strain indica or sativa

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